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Organ Transplantation

We offer kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation services for adults and children with clinics that have advanced technological infrastructure and experienced staff.

A kidney and liver transplant taken from a living donor or from the body of a deceased donor, and a pancreas transplant taken from a deceased, are successfully performed in all age groups.

Organ transplantation is the best treatment for terminal organ failure. The most important expectation of patients with transplanted organs is that these organs to function for a long time. For this, after the operation, follow-up and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are important.

A patient who has regained life in this process, needs careful observation for early diagnosis of the problems and following consequences of the drugs used.


Our organ transplant clinics offer the following services:

- Taking organs from living and dead donors;

- Transplantation for adults and children;

- Kidney transplant;

- Liver transplant;

- Pancreas transplant.

Today, the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, small intestine, bone marrow, and cornea are the most frequently transplanted organs and tissues.

The organs used in transplant operations are taken either from living donors (usually relatives up to grade 4) or from dead people (corpses). For example, a person who has a brain death as a result of a head injury can have healthy corneas and kidneys removed and transplanted to people who cannot see, or to patients with chronic renal failure undergoing dialysis. The healthy liver of the deceased can also be transplanted to patients who have cirrhosis of the liver or acute liver failure.

A healthy life of patients with cardiac, hepatic and renal terminal inefficiencies is possible only with organ transplantation. Here, there are no age restrictions. The only important thing is whether a person has a general good state of health and whether he has chronic diseases. Organ donated by a donor of any age group can be used. When the patient comes to the transplant clinic, he goes through a detailed examination. The need for transplantation is discussed in a multidisciplinary organ transplantation council and a decision is made. Contrary to popular belief, the number of patients not suitable for transplantation is very small. Patients with diabetes, hepatitis B and C can also have a kidney transplant. Patient’s and donor’s tissue mismatch does not affect the transplant decision. When a transplant is not possible due to incompatibility of a blood group or immunological tests, this problem can be avoided by cross-transplantation.

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