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-   Liver cancer

-   Colon cancer

-   Rectal cancer

-   Esophageal carcinoma

-   Stomach cancer

-   Prostate cancer

-   Mammary cancer

-   Kidney cancer

-   Testicular cancer

-   Ovarian cancer

-   Breast cancer in men

-   Urethral cancer

-   Penile cancer

-   Ureter cancer

-   Cervical cancer

-   Uterine cancer

-   Skin cancer

-   Gall bladder cancer

-   Liver cancer

-   Tumors of the head and neck

-   Brain tumors

-   Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

-   Hodgkin's lymphoma

The zero stage is a characteristic of cancer, which is located only in one place, in other words, the tumor does not go beyond the place of appearance at which it appeared and also it does not infect neighboring tissues and organs. At this stage, cancer is almost completely curable: by removing the entire tumor.

The first stage is the early stage, the cancer is localized. It is believed that this is a small tumor or a lesion that did not have time to get into the surrounding tissue and has not yet spread to the lymph nodes or to other parts of the body.

The second and third stages, these stages characterize a cancer or tumor that has already managed to deeply grow into neighboring tissues or even managed to penetrate into the lymph nodes, but not yet into other organs.

The fourth stage is the stage of cancer, in which the cancer has completely spread to other organs or even parts of the body.

-   Hoarseness and cough

-   Fever and chills

-   Long-term endangered hematomas and bruises

-   Digestive changes: persistent diarrhea or constipation

-   Insomnia and trouble sleeping

-   Changes in the quantity and quality of urination

-   Pain in the neck

-   Heaviness in any part of the body

-   Trouble swallowing

-   Blood in urine, in feces, in vomit

-   Bloating under the skin

-   Feeling tired

-   Changes in the skin

-   Loss of appetite

-   Non-healing wound

-   Muscle or joint pain

-   The presence of relatives who had cancer

-   Radiation, chemicals, poisons in the environment.

-   Unbalanced diet

-   Alcohol abuse.

-   Heavy weight

•   No smoking

•   Reduce weight to optimal

•   Exercise stress

•   Proper and healthy nutrition

•   Limit alcohol consumption

•   Avoid prolonged sun exposure


How is cancer diagnosed?

1. Analyzes

2. Radiation diagnostics

3. Biopsy


The principles of treatment:

-   Surgical removal of the tumor;

-   Surgical removal of metastases;

-   Palliative surgery;

-   Irradiation of the tumor and metastases with ionizing radiation;

-   Cytostatic chemotherapy;

-   Cytotoxic chemotherapy;

-   Immunotherapy in order to stimulate the body's own antitumor immunity;

-   Virotherapy with oncolytic viruses;

-   Hormone therapy for hormone-sensitive and/or hormone-dependent tumors;

-   Photodynamic therapy;

-   Targeted therapy.

Need an Emergency Help? call by WhatsApp:
+90 537 520 79 91

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