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Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder cancer is a disease, or rather a malignant tumor that occurs in the mucous membrane or in the wall of the bladder itself.

Risk factors:

•   People suffering from chronic cystitis;

•   Smoking;

•   Constant contact with chemicals.


Stage 1 - a tumor forms in the inner lining of the bladder;

Stage 2 - cancer cells affect the mucous and submucosal muscle tissue of the bladder;

Stage 3 - the tumor extends beyond the bladder, spreads to neighboring organs;

Stage 4 - the tumor affects the lymph nodes, gives metastases to distant organs.


Bladder Cancer Symptoms:

•   Hematuria (the appearance of blood in the urine);

•   Painful urination.

Bladder Cancer Diagnosis:

The main methods for diagnosing bladder cancer are cystoscopy with a biopsy, also excretory urography, CT and ultrasound of the bladder.

The choice of treatment tactics depends on how far the disease has managed to go. Treatment may include various methods, such as surgical intervention, drug therapy and radiation therapy. The procedure carried out on da Vinci robot allows to remove the bladder and its further reconstruction by surgery.


In the early stages, a transurethral tumor resection (TUR of the bladder) is performed, that is removal of the neoplasm without cuts on the skin, through the urethra.


In the later stages, cystectomy is indicated, i.e. removal of the bladder. In some cases, men's bladder is removed along with the prostate gland, women's together with the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. The lymph nodes in the pelvic area are also removed, as they may contain cancer cells. Large tumor, when it cannot be removed, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is prescribed.

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