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Privacy Policy


The Turmeda CLINICS Internet resource offers to get acquainted with the current information on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in Turkish clinics. If desired, the user can order a remote consultation from an experienced specialist. To do this, you must enter personal data in the appropriate fields of the application. Turmeda CLINICS strictly adheres to the requirements for the security of personal data of Internet users. Below are the main provisions of the privacy policy maintained by the Turmeda CLINICS website.


Collection, storage of personal data

The goal of Turmeda CLINICS is to accelerate the receipt of highly qualified medical care in Turkish clinics for citizens of other countries and, if the user wishes, to organize an extramural consultation. Personal information is required only when filling out an application. The user writes down his name and surname, gender, date of birth, country of residence, attaches medical reports and results of diagnostic tests, provides a phone number and email address. mail for feedback.

By voluntarily filling out the appropriate fields of the application, the user agrees to the use of this information by the Turmeda CLINICS resource. We work with personal data solely in the interests of the user, taking into account the goals specified by him. Personal information is not disclosed to third parties and is strictly confidential.

Processing applications

We work as quickly as possible. Upon receipt of an application, information about the patient and his illness is immediately transferred to a narrow-profile specialist. We send a comprehensive answer with a treatment plan for a specific disease and an approximate cost by email or by phone. Sometimes there are minor delays in receiving a response due to the high employment of the doctor. These circumstances are beyond our control and the company is not responsible for them. In case of a delay in response, it is recommended to contact our consultants who will help you quickly solve the problem.

If you need to correct or delete personal information, you can send a request to e-mail. address or call +90 537 520 79 91.

Personal data security

To maintain the security of the personal information of users who have filled out the application, we use the most modern software. Turmeda CLINICS employees constantly monitor the changes made to the security system and timely install updates to the relevant programs.


When you visit the pages of the Turmeda CLINICS resource, a cookie is stored on your computer. This is a common practice for websites. Small files do not affect the speed of your Internet device and do not read the personal information provided in the application. Some cookies are deleted immediately after the session is closed, others save information about the pages you visited for about one month. Cookies make it easier to collect statistics of visits to a particular resource, allow you to save preferred information (hospitals, treatment for a specific disease, etc.) and provide you with the most interesting offers.

Changes to privacy rules

The Turmeda CLINICS administration has the right to adjust the privacy policy. All changes are automatically reflected in the main document. We guarantee that the correction of the privacy policy will not affect the principles of working with your personal information.


The Turmeda CLINICS website contains information about diagnostics and treatment in clinics in Turkey for informational purposes only. We strive to provide proven and current content. However, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy of the information provided. This is due to factors beyond our control: changes in prices for medical services, regular introduction of new treatment methods into treatment protocols and the emergence of innovative diagnostic procedures. The administration has the right to correct the content of the site without warning users.

The Turmeda CLINICS management is not responsible if the user received any damage during the use of the information provided on the website at his own discretion. Damage should be understood as lack of benefit or loss of personal data.

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