Colon/Bowel Cancer Treatment: подробная информация
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Colon/Bowel Cancer Treatment

1.      Outgoing from obvious colon diseases: ulcerative colitis, adenoma, polyps, Crohn's disease and all inflammatory bowel diseases (all areas)

2.       Oncological diseases in blood relatives.

3.       Elderly age. Unfortunately, but colon cancer is most often detected in people over 50

4.      Unbalanced diet. The predominant place in the daily diet is: meat, animal fats and an abundance of flour dishes with a lack of plant foods that are rich in fiber, and all this can completely negatively affect the state of the human body, and in particular the intestines and lead to the occurrence of pathological processes and, as in consequence of cancer.

5.       Smoking.

6.       Alcohol abuse.

7.       Obesity

Stage 1 - the size of the tumor is very small and it is located within the mucosa and submucous membranes.

Stage 2 - the tumor does not yet metastasize, but penetrates into nearby tissues.

Stage 3 - the tumor grows rapidly and can spread to the entire thickness of the intestinal wall, grow into the lymph nodes.

Stage 4 - the tumor is very large. The neoplasm affects other human organs: metastases penetrate the liver, lungs, bone tissue, and organs of the urinary system.

•   stomach ache

•   frequent constipation

•   bloating in the abdomen

•   the appearance of blood in the stool

•   poor appetite

•   pale complexion and skin

•   weakness and weakness

•   fever

•   sudden weight loss

•   Colonoscopy with biopsy

•   Irrigoscopy

•   SKT of the pelvic organs, abdominal cavity

•   Ultrasound OBP, OMT

•   MRI

•   PET/CT

1. The main treatment for colon cancer is surgical. In addition to surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapeutic treatment are used. The type and type of surgical treatment, in this case, the operation completely depends on the location of the tumor itself and what size it is. If this tumor is small and conveniently located, it is removed completely and completely, while maintaining the normal functioning of the intestine.

2. Radiation therapy is a treatment using ionizing radiation, this type of treatment is often used as an additional method to basic, surgical treatment and chemotherapy in order to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

3. Chemotherapy - for colon cancer is not used as an independent type of treatment, but only in combination with other treatment methods.

4. Postoperative chemotherapy is used to reduce the risk of relapse and disease progression.

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