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In medicine, in order to destroy the cancer cells chemotherapy is applied. The main principle of its work is aimed at the complete cessation or partial inhibition of the growth of these cancer cells, which in turn have the very ability to grow very rapidly.

In our clinic, you can undergo a full-fledged comprehensive diagnosis, which will allow you to analyze the basic nature and prevalence of the cancer mechanism, as well as act more than decisively in the struggle against the disease. I would also like to state the fact that our clinic uses international protocols, which in turn are recommended by leading clinics in the field of cancer research. Chemotherapy in our clinic is carried out according to the highest international standards.

Chemotherapy is used both as the only cancer treatment and in combination with surgery, radiation therapy and symptomatic therapy.

In our clinic you can go through the procedure: chemotherapy, which is carried out exclusively with original drugs to fight cancer cells. It's no secret that it's best to give your preference only to original drugs. After all, the original drug is a drug that is manufactured by a pharmacological company that itself developed this drug. And of course, such a drug will be protected by a patent. When you use the original drug, effectiveness and safety are guaranteed. And of course, do not forget that the use of original drugs can reduce possible side effects. After all, this is especially important when conducting chemotherapy!

•   Cancer cell killing

•   Tumor reduction before surgery

•   Tumor reduction before radiation therapy

•   Destruction of microscopic cancers

•   Relief of the main symptoms of cancer


The frequency and duration of chemotherapy depends on:

•   Cancer stages

•   Type of cancer

Chemotherapy is mainly carried out in cycles. During one cycle, a person can receive treatment every day, every week or every month. Each chemotherapy cycle is followed by a rest period in order to enable the body to form new healthy cells.

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