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Orthopedics & traumatology

Orthopedics is a section of clinical medicine, which studies the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of deformations and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system that are the result of birth defects, malformations, consequences of injuries or diseases of the human body.


Main directions:

I.      ambulatory

II.    arthroplasty

III.  traumatology orthopedics

IV.  children's and teenage orthopedics

ANKYLOSIS. The most basic complaint of patients with ankylosis is joint pain. In this case, the residual oscillating movements are present.


BURSIT. The main symptom is localized swelling in the area of the bursal sac, which is most often located on the front surface of the knee joint or in the region of the ulnar outgrow.


HEMARTROSIS. Characteristics of this disease is an increase in the volume of the joint, limitation and soreness of movements.


DUPUYTREN'S CONTRACTURE. Characteristics at an early stage of this disease is the appearance of a dense nodule in the palm of your hand.


TRAUMATIC OSTEOMYELITIS. The main symptoms are fever, leukocytosis in the blood, pain and inflammation in the wound, the appearance of pus in it.


Fractures. Pain, deformation and impaired limb function.


PLATFOOT. The foot has a flattened appearance, initially rare pain in the foot eventually becomes permanent. However, sometimes even severe deformity of the feet is not accompanied by pain.


TORN MENISCUS. Repeated blockages of the knee joint when the damaged part of the meniscus wedges between the joint surfaces. There is a sharp pain, restriction of movement in the joint, effusion in it. With multiple blockages develops deforming arthrosis of the knee joint.


SYNOVIT. In this disease, 2 types are distinguished: acute and chronic synovitis. In acute synovitis, a person has pain, increase in temperature, as well as an effusion in the joint. Chronic synovitis is mild pain, but with periodic accumulation of effusion in the joint; with prolonged existence develops deforming arthrosis.


SCOLIOSIS. On I degree of scoliosis slight curvature of the spine is observed; on II degree - the deformation is expressed and corrected by stretching the spine; at the III degree - persistent deformity of the spine is developed, most often combined with deformation of the ribs and limited breathing function.

-     manual therapy

-     diagnostic puncture of joints

-     therapeutic blockade for diseases of the spine

-     intra-articular management of chondroprotectors

-     intraarticular blockade

-     total hip arthroplasty

-     total knee replacement

-     arthroplasty of the shoulder joint

-     ankle replacement

-     arthroplasty of the elbow joint

-     endoprosthetics of the radial head

-     endoprosthetics of the first metatarsophalangeal joint

-     arthroscopy of the knee

-     arthroscopy of the shoulder joint

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