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GammaKnife / CyberKnife

The answer to the question of what is gamma knife radiation surgery, which is a fast and easy to use treatment method; is that it is a radiation surgery system used to treat brain and pituitary tumors, and to treat vascular diseases.

In this method of treatment, a large number (192) of low-energy beams are directed to the diseased area inside the skull. Thus, high energy is formed in the affected area. Gamma knife is a system of forming genetic and biological changes in a tissue for treatment. Due to the use of a large number of low-energy rays, damage to the brain tissue, through which the beam passes, does not occur.

Gamma knife has been used to treat many diseases since 1968. According to the data of 2017, more than 1 million patients with various brain diseases were treated with gamma knife. 


Diseases that can be treated with gamma knife radiosurgery:


1) Benign Tumors:

a) Meningioma

b) Tumor of the pituitary gland

c) Vestibular schwannoma (tumor of the nerves of hearing)

d) Schwannoma (neurinoma) of the trigeminal nerve

e) Hemangioblastoma

f) Tumors of the pineal gland

g) Craniopharyngioma

h) Tumor of the jugular glomus

i) Chordoma


2) Vascular diseases:

a) Arteriovenous malformation (AVM - congenital glomerulus in the brain)

b) Cavernous


3) Functional diseases:

a) Neuralgia of trigeminal nerve


4) Movement disorders:

a) Tremor (shivering associated with Parkinson's disease)

b) Essential tremor


5) Malignant tumors:

a) Metastases

b) Uveal melanoma

C) Particular glial tumors

d) Hemangiopericytoma

e) Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (nasopharyngeal cancer)


In addition, patients with tumors deep in the brain that are not suitable for general anesthesia, do not tolerate surgery and do not agree to open surgery may also be treated with gamma knife therapy. The decision is up to a doctor.

The first stage is the installation of a stereotactic frame. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia for adults and with sedation for young children. A mask is used instead of a frame when it is necessary. The mask is individual for everyone. 


Then neuroradiological imaging is carried out. According to the type of disease, MRI, tomography and angiography tests are performed. Each patient undergoes an MRI before treatment. Angiography test is performed to patients with AVM disease.


With the help of special computer programs, the dose required to cure the disease is determined. During this, the patient rests in his room.


Gamma knife treatment begins immediately after planning is made. After completing a short treatment procedure, the patient leaves a hospital on the same day and can return home.

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